10 Best Music Streaming Apps To Start Your Musical Journey [2019]

10 Best Music Streaming Apps To Start Your Musical Journey [2019]

The digital development of music started with downloading the MP3 files, conversion of music videos from YouTube, and now everyone stream online. Music streaming applications replaced the hectic of downloading and affected physical album sales. However, selecting the best music streaming service can be a challenging task for you.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to experience music streaming. Most of the services have a free version or at least they offer you an unpaid trial version. This allows the user to take a free trial before opting for the monthly payments. Adding more to the list, you can also check Music Recording apps; use them to record your favorite track and listen to the best music on-the-go.

So, you want the best music streaming app for your use. But you are confused, right? Well, for your help I brought some top-rated music streaming apps for you. I handpicked them from the perspective of a music lover.

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps to Look up to

When it comes to the best music streaming application, there is an endless war between the Spotify and Apple music. However, there are also several apps which you can use for the streaming purpose. So, thinking which music apps can fulfill your demands, here is the answer.


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps, and my personal favorite, that is available in the market. It offers you 30 millions of music. This music streaming app helps the user to discover new music with its suggestions. Spotify has more than 80 millions of subscribers.

Further, Spotify permits the users to stream the singles and put them together in an album to build custom playlists. It has paid version and the monthly range varies between 10$ to 12$, which allows you to play any song, stream music offline without any app. If you have an Android or an iOS device, then you can download this streaming app.

Apple Music

Any song that is sorted in the music library is easily accessed by the Apple Music. The app is simple. And it is an ideal choice for both the Android and iOS users. It offers you a range of 45 million songs and it has more than 75 million subscribers. What makes the Apple apps different from other, well simply the answer is the radio shows, custom playlists, and much more.Apple music is a paid app and if you want a regular subscription, then you need to pay 8$ to 10$ per month. Also, with the help of this streaming app, you can upload up to 100,000 songs to Apple’s servers.


Shazam is a music streaming app which is best known for its unique music discovering ability. This application quickly identifies the songs as well as the television shows. Also, it will assist you to purchase those shows and songs. Enabling real-time music chart is an added feature of Shazam.

This is effectively done by synchronizing other music apps. You can combine it with different apps, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others. You can download this app in Android and iOS devices.

YouTube Music

This streaming app is a paid service. If you want to be a regular subscriber of YouTube Music, then you have to pay 10$ monthly for that. This streaming app includes offline downloads and an ad-free experience. If you take the premium membership, then it will allow the user to listen to the music without ads. In case, you have a YouTube Red account, then it wil give you the permission to freely access the Google Play Music as well.


Amazon entered the world of music streaming application a little late. This is a paid service. Moreover, you need to pay monthly 10$ if you want to hear songs. In case, you are an Amazon user, then you have to pay 8$ per month. Then, it will give you permission to listen to more than 2 million songs.


SoundCloud is one of the most exciting apps which consists of musicians, bands, and many others of several communities. In case you are not aware of the features much, this app would be the ideal choice for you. Searching for new artists, listening to songs, and uploading your own creation are the effective features that are available here. Although SoundCloud is a free app, the Pro version is paid.


Vevo app might not be as popular as the Amazon and Apple Music, but this app offers you some good quality videos. With the help of this app, you can create your own playlist that is based on streaming live videos. Also, you can enjoy all the HD videos recommended by the Vevo

Once you have logged in to Vevo, the application will ask you to select some artists and your favorite genres. So that it can inform you whenever a new song is released by your favorite singer. Therefore, the Vevo streaming application is the best choice for music video lovers.


It is also a popular music streaming app. It includes custom radio stations which help you to identify specific artists. The Pandora app also provides you with service as well as offline play mode. It is a paid app. So, if you take the premium membership of this music application, then it will offer you some advanced features, such as single tracks and many others.


Tidal music streaming application provides you with more than 25 million high-quality tracks. It is designed with some advanced features such as offline mode, customized suggestions. Tidal has flexible subscription options that cover everyone’s response.


This app includes a schedule of more than 40 million songs and allows the users to customize their own music. It has an inbuilt tool which is known as ‘Flow’ that display your favorable songs. It comes with lyrics which make it easier for you to understand a song.

And the Streaming Continues…

These are the best music streaming apps that are available in the market at present. So, you can choose any one of those streaming apps for entertainment. If you ask me, then I prefer Spotify and then SoundCloud. But this can vary person to person. So, go ahead, explore all of them, because music never disappoints.

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