Music/Tech Startups We’ll Be Watching In 2019: Top 20 Picks For You

Music/Tech Startups We’ll Be Watching In 2019: Top 20 Picks For You

Technology pretty much changed everything. Starting from how we communicate and what we wear to how we spend our leisure time. The arena of music also falls under these revolutionary changes. One example of this change is music/tech startups. There are some of the musical apps available in the market which you can use by downloading them. However, we are going to discuss some of the on-going and upcoming music/tech startups which will help you to flow in the music world without any hassle.


This music app utilizes both Apple Music and Spotify. Anyone within the same music community can link up the playlists. Further, you can chat live to the other listeners by clicking a button. Now, what can be better than this! This means you can not only stream or listen to a particular song but connect to someone who likes that same song.


Popgun is a popular musical app founded by Stephen Philips who is famous for his “we are hunted”. This 5th Gen app utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to create music. Again, it includes some of the unique and innovative features that enhance its performance level. The AI of Popgun is known as Alice. And it will make you visit the Wonderland with its experience. Moreover, you can play the piano as well as add melodies to make the tune better.


Initially known as Hookd is now Lickd, which is a popular digital platform that helps to create YouTube content. Moreover, it is able to produce the epidemic sound like production music without any technical fault. Again, it is a beneficial app for YouTubers who are dreaming of royalty-free music. Furthermore, it acts as the online-video creators and the users can enjoy this facility through its license service.

United Masters

United Masters has a partnership with the NBA. Furthermore, it supports the new generation of independent artists. Thus, it plays a leading role in the digital music world by blending music distribution and brand opportunities perfectly. You can play Apple Music as well as other apps like Spotify and YouTube via this valuable app. However, a distributor can be boon in the industry with this decent technology. It provides new artists with a golden opportunity by giving them a platform in front of 1.5 million people all over the globe.

The Bot Platform

It is one of the best platforms to create the bots on the Workplace as well as on Messenger. In the Workplace, you can automate your internal knowledge by engaging this Bot feature. Moreover, you can frequently ask questions and enhance productivity by involving many new customers.

In the case of the messenger, Bot Platform plays a major role to give an instant response that will automate the marketing activity. Moreover, it monitors the audience and drives brand loyalty within a short period of time. Finally, do not misinterpret the bots as chatbots.

AI Music

AI Music follows the Artificial Intelligence technology to remix songs and represent them in an innovative way. Moreover, it helps to reframe the music and voice by its dynamic synchronization process. Furthermore, it broadcasts the music and has the capability to switch from one form of another. So, from upbeat pop to a classy cello, you can jump into anything according to your mood. Basically, you can see it’s pretty responsive and can provide the users with an amazing experience.


Amuse includes the self-recoding process that is popular as the first mobile recorder app, since 2017. Moreover, the artists can record their voice through this app and represent it to the digital platform. It is a part of the data-mining device which can identify the breaking tracks. The process to access this app is very simple and you can download it from the website without facing any problem.


Soundcharts is another amazing musical app that offers music careers by identifying the sources and growth based on the demographic area. It can optimize the workflow and scout the new talents without compromising their voice accuracy. This app emerged in the market a few years ago and it is getting popular day by day.

Guts Tickets

Guts follow the blockchain technology that creates transparent ticketing. Even, no fraudulent and secondary disgraceful market price exists here. Nowadays, it became popular for its fan-to-fan transferring approach. This Dutch firm optimized blockchain technology in an efficient way. So, if one wants to make his/her work unforgettable to the loyal fans, can definitely go for Guts.


Developed by a team handpicked from Apple, Uber, and Salesforce, it is one of the smartest dashboards that becomes popular social media websites. Moreover, it is popular for its incredible voice analysis process. So, this startup system gets publicized day by day without any hassle. It takes the data from apps like Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc and broadcast them accordingly.


Making the blockchain technology focal point, Jaak appears in the presence of a regular event and offers a collaboration of media industry. It enhances the musical tour by solving the metadata issues. Thus, the app enhances the music industry with various flavors of lyrics. So, we can tag it as Smart Content as it unlocks a plethora of contents to the user.


Even though Primephonic is not new in the field of music/tech startups, the company is gaining some attention. It is a classical-music streaming company. It was launched with more than 100 tracks and now it deals with Warner Classics and Sony Classical that is the upcoming project of it. However, it provides 16 Bit FLAC files to make the music specific.


Haawk is famous for its copyright protection and content distribution process. It handles the YouTube Contents as well as manage the rights of managing SoundCloud, Facebook like media app. It also promises to distribute the Apple Music app, Spotify, and other streaming services in 2019. You can earn some bucks using its Self-Service Content ID.


Blokus is the brainchild of musician Phil Barry. It was founded earlier but caught users’ attention at the end of 2018. Blokur is preparing the most accurate collection of universal music. Moreover, it connects over 50,000 musicians with more than 7,000 producers. And it can tackle the metadata woes efficiently.

Amper Music

Amper Music plays a crucial role in creating online videos, games as well as controlling the production contexts. This app is developed based on artificial intelligence and creates a stream of music randomly. Similarly, it lets users create and search for music in seconds. It’s fast performance, creative control feature, and royalty-free music won over thousands.

Vertigo Music

The best thing about Vertigo is the moment you open the app, it will lift up your mood. Creative and easy-to-navigate page create an impactful first impression on the users. It is a combination of music drawn and vlogging and comes with the Spotify first and later available in Apple Music. Each individual listener gets the chance to generate their own streams per songs and represent them in innovative ways.


The World Airplay Radio Monitor app runs in the various platforms as well as helps the singers, songwriters, and producers to track the music around the world. It lets you track or monitor radio in real-time. It gives permission to access more than 21k radio stations all over the world. With this app, one can discover fans and try out direct marketing campaigns to a vast audience.


Voise uses decentralized hosting, ensures full revenue, and runs on crypto-payment. This app is open to everyone. It is ideal for music streaming as well as downloading the track as per the beginner’s convenience. Users can find relevant music uploaded by every artist. In return, artists can earn almost 100% revenue.


The main motto of WAV is it is “for the artists, for the fans, for the music”. Therefore, you can understand the level of comfort and choices this app provides. WAV is another valuable app used to sharing the music contents and the videos to support the signers. Moreover, deals with the label-styles and provide with a potential promotion. You can get it from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Gimme Radio

My final pick is Gimme Radio. This is one of the single-genre streaming services that are not properly developed yet. And I will say, this app is the planet for Metalheads. The main motto of this app is to make money including the merchandise and vinyl. You can invest in Metal using this app.

Summing up

Here, I have discussed 20 music/tech startups to watch for in 2019. Moreover, I have tried to analyze their special features that help you to choose the best one as per your requirements. But me being a music lover as well as creator, I will tell you all rookies to explore them all. And then only choose the one for you.

William Gust

I am William Ewan Gust. I am originally from South Ayrshire, Scotland. Growing up in a country where rhythm and creativity collapse amidst the beauty of nature, music somehow got me. I moved to Michigan, United States and started my career as a freelance musician. After witnessing the drastic changes in the music industry brought by Artifical Intelligence, I dreamt of making something big out of myself. I have seen YouTube and Spotify taking over concerts and street shows. This change is at the same time progressive yet heartbreaking. Personally, I feel that apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, etc not only lets you stream and enjoy a plethora of choices but also provide a fresh platform for new artists. This particular blog is my third attempt to portray different aspects of music in the present day scenario.