Apple iPhone 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Camera comparison

Smartphone cameras are all the rage of 2017. Every new smartphone that comes out, claims that it has the best camera. Last year the crown of the best smartphone camera belonged to the Google Pixel. With the highest DxOMark rating of 89, Google pixel took the world by awe with its awesome new smartphone camera.

What the previous year pixel did is to change how we look at smartphone cameras. Google took machine learning and incorporated it in its camera, and the end result is just amazing. All that was last year, in 2017 dual camera setup have replaced most single lens cameras.

What a duel camera does is that it gives manufacturers the freedom to install an additional telephoto lens or a monochrome lens so as to it can take photos with a greater amount of details. Most smartphones of 2017 come with a dual camera setup, and following the trend, iPhone also has adopted the dual camera in its new iPhone 8 following the iPhone 7. Last year’s iPhone too came with a dual camera, but that was only in the premium variant. In 2017 the mid-tier iPhone onward comes with a duel camera setup.   

During the launch of the iphone 8, Tim Cook especially concentrated on the advanced camera of the new iphone 8. Similar to the last year iphone’s camera the iphone 8 comes with a dual camera setup but with a brand new sensor and a more powerful processing unit.

iPhone 8 had its time with its amazing camera until the Google pixel 2 came out. Last year the Google pixel took the iPhone camera by the horn and tackled it like a pro. In 2017 the pixel 2 is looking to do the same with iPhone 8.

Unlike the iphone 8 the pixel 2 comes with a single camera unit, but the difference lies in the use of the sensors. The iPhone 8 plus comes with a dual camera setup, which means that it has a duel 12mp sensor one with f1.8 aperture and the other is a telephoto lens with f2.8 aperture which is capable of 2x optical zoom. The dual cameras allow the phone to take some exceptional portrait shots with some amazing background blur.

On the other hand, the pixel took a different approach with its single camera. The pixel 2 camera comes with a 12.2mp sensor with an f1.8 aperture with laser auto focus. Although the pixel camera does not have a dual lens setup, it makes up with its much bigger sensor where each pixel is divided into two. Combined with machine learning the pixel 2 camera can take some quality pictures.

When comparing the cameras of these two flagship products, it is like comparing apples to oranges, but this time in most cases the orange has the Apple beat. Both the cameras have a different approach, and it must be kept in mind that both the cameras take very good photos and videos, but when it comes down to the very details, the pixel 2 camera has a slight edge over the iPhone 8 camera.

For everyday users, taking random pictures, the pixel 2 takes a slight lead over the iPhone 8 camera. It does so by the use of the laser autofocus and brilliant post-processing. Most of iPhone pictures are on the warmer side while the pixel camera is on the cooler side which is much more pleasing.

Low light:

When it comes to low light situations, the pixel camera takes a much better picture due to its f1.8 aperture lens which lets in more light into the sensor. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 loses much of the information despite having the same aperture lens. Due to the warmer hue of the iPhone images, a lot of grain comes up which ruins the image overall.

Portrait mode:

In terms of portrait mode, both the cameras capture good images, but in this case, the iPhone has a distinct advantage due to its dual camera setup. The background blur is much more subtle and looks similar to that of a DSLR camera. But the pixel is no way bad. With its machine learning, the pixel can detect edges very accurately and blurs the background accordingly. Due to machine learning, which Google is known for, you can only expect the pixel camera to get even better.


Due to better focus mode and a wide color gamete, the pixel can handle light and shadow differences much better. While the iPhone camera tends to wash out the whites the pixel’s HDR mode can light and shadows much more effectively. In indoor situations as well the pixel highlights the color much more and produces true to life pictures.


The only category where the iPhone has the pixel beat is the in the far away shots, where with the help of the telephoto lens, the iPhone can zoom up to 2 times without losing any information.


The category where the pixel really shines is in video mode. The pixel comes with optical image stabilization(OIS) as well as electronic image stabilization(EIS). When both of them are combined there is absolutely zero shake, whereas the iPhone camera comes with only OIS. Both the cameras can take 4k videos.

Both the cameras can take pretty good images, and in the end, it only boils down to preference, but pictures do not lie. It seems like Apple is still playing catch up with the pixel.                     

iPhone is still one of the best smartphones available in the market today, and to many, it is perhaps the best smartphone in the market. It comes with a very good built quality and excellent after-sales service. Apple Customer Care services are renowned all over the world, where if your iPhone is by chance damaged, they respond by quickly providing you with a spare set or a brand new one for that matter.