Apple Music VS Google Play Music: A Thorough Comparative Analysis

Apple Music VS Google Play Music: A Thorough Comparative Analysis

Several innovative music applications are available online. Using these apps, you can enjoy unlimited music, tunes etc. The most popular music apps are Google Play Music and Apple Music which provide the users with a hassle-free service. Here, in this write up, we have tried to analyze and compare Apple Music VS Google Play Music based on some crucial parameters.

Platform Availability

  • You can download the Apple Music and listen to it via iTunes app which is used available as a built-in application in all the Apple devices. So, it supports the Apple CarPlay device as well as the Apple AirPlay, or other Apple-based platforms. Therefore, you need to use the Apple Mac or iPhone device or any Windows device which support the Apple Music App. Besides this, the Smart Speakers are also compatible with this Apple Music App.
  • On the other hand, Google Play Music supports most of the devices which are available in the digital market. It supports most of the Android devices like Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto. Moreover, it is available in Apple CarPlay and Apple Airplay(only on an iOS device). Additionally, you can avail this service in the Mac device as a web client. You can play the Google Play Music via Google Cast platform. Another facility is that with the Google Play Service, you can download and upload unlimited songs without any technical error.

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Sign-Up and Setup Process

  • Google Music Play deals with Google Account. So, you need to create the Google Account before downloading the songs. Therefore, you get a free trial service for a few days but you need to subscribe to the app. This paid service is very reliable and trouble-free. You don’t get to include anything without signing in the Google Account. So, you need to log in the Google Account once from your device and then play Google Music.
  • Apple Music gets connected to the Apple device through iTunes or iCloud applications. Like Google Music Play app, it also gives the opportunity to arrange the music preferences and can customize the lists as per your requirements. Apple Music provides a similar list of songs as per your search and shows random popular music based on the users’ interests.

Music Selection

  • Apple Music claims to offer over 45-50 million songs with its excellent streaming library. If you download the Apple music via the iTunes app, then the music will be stored directly inside the Apple Music library. You can mark your favorite songs for separating them from a list of songs. Similarly, the downloaded music and tunes will be included in your phone library automatically. Moreover, you can access them from the purchased Music list as per your convenience. But, you should remember that the iTunes music app is totally different from Apple Music.
  • Google Play Music allows supplementing the streaming services with the uploaded and the purchased music. Moreover, you can avail 40 million more songs within this incredible Google app. However, it is quite popular for its device compatibility and the users can listen to songs whenever they wish via this app and add free trial YouTube Red. You can avail all the above services at a single subscription and without any technical fault. Another facility that you can avail is to blend a subscription library with the personal library. Thus, you can store all the streaming and purchased music together and can play as per your choice.

Music Quality

  • Google Play Music allows setting different music quality for steaming. Besides this, you can disable the streaming process over the mobile data. But the exact quality setup is impossible through this Google app. There is a built-in cache streaming option that triggers the music download process with the high quality of steaming if you include it. Google Music manages both the quality control and stream control schemes and gives the desired result by using the Wi-Fi. So, this facility lets you enjoy offline music after downloading any tunes.
  • Apple Music draws a limit line to avoid data lagging. It doesn’t allow to set the audio quality levels for Wi-Fi streaming and downloading the content as well. Here, you can easily download the songs individually by choosing them randomly rather than the entire album.  However, the streaming speed is quite lower than the Google Play Music (256 kbps approx.) whereas the Google Play covers more than 320 kbps MP3 at the time of uploading various music files.

Application Layout and Performance

  • Google Play Music offers a user-friendly platform to handle the playlists. Here you can toggle from one download to another if you want, and you can avail it without any technical issue. Similarly, you can create a shortcut playlist and manage the recent activity as it keeps a record just like a bookmark scheme. So, you can shuffle all the downloads at any time if necessary.
  • Apple Music App pushes you back to the recent playlist instead of the new discovery process. You can navigate and shuffle the music by tapping the left/right switches and listen to the existing tracks. It doesn’t appear with the Now Playing window and it could be difficult to shuffle.

Price Structure

The price of Apple Music is very expensive for the common people. On the other hand, you can avail Google Play Music free of cost for the first 3 months. Moreover, if you want to add songs, then only you need to pay a charge to download the songs from the Google Music Store.

Wrapping it Up

In the above content, we have compared Apple Music VS Google Play Music. Moreover, we have analyzed the factors which will help you to choose the music app as per your convenience. We can say that Google Play Music is best in overall performance, facility and comes at a reasonable price. The Apple Music is effective for the Apple users which is capable of providing unlimited music with a minimum subscription charge. So, we hope this article will be helpful before subscribing to the music app of your choice.

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