Apple Vs Spotify- The Battle Of The Best Music Apps

Apple Vs Spotify- The Battle Of The Best Music Apps

Apple music and Spotify, both are a very known name in the field of music streaming, and with a worldly recognizable logo design. Spotify led the pack for a very long time. But now, Apple Music is beating Spotify in its own area. Its growth has picked up speed, and now, for the first time, it is ahead of the leader.  

Apple Music, in the US, has become the most preferred on-demand music streaming service regarding users. This advantage is going to make up for its lost revenues in the smartphone sector.

Even though globally, Spotify is still leading, but with the speed, Apple Music is moving, it won’t be long before it becomes the global leader in streaming music.

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Why Is Apple Winning?

Ever since Apple Music became available for users in 2015, it has been working hard on gaining that edge over others. It has been building big partnerships.  This gave Apple Music steady incoming partnerships that involved blockbuster releases by big artists.

Also, Apple has also joined hands with the artists that have earned a good name in the household for hip-hop, R&B, and Rap. Singers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Drake and many others have signed at least one deal for giving early access to their new music.

Also, Apple has done more than just hiring big names as its radio host. It has given its radio a little human touch, offering its listeners some great interviews along with exclusive first-listens. Apple has also provided its listeners many more such services that they don’t find anywhere else.

There are many more such reasons why Apple Music is gaining over Spotify. And that’s why it is steadily gaining over the global gap between them. Now it will be interesting to see what Spotify is doing about that.

New Strategies From Spotify

As it should have been, Spotify is wholly focused on gaining more users and increasing the number of subscribers. This April, we saw a significant upgrade in the Spotify’s free app. After all, it had been a significant tool for attracting eventual paying subscribers.

It gave its free users access to 15 customized playlists. Spotify curated these 15 playlists based on the listening habits of its users. They can also select artists they like, and Spotify customizes the playlists accordingly.

Also, Spotify is trying to act as a discovery engine for new and emerging artists, giving them a public platform to perform. Sometime in late last year, it also allowed the artists to sell beauty products and merchandises on the app. Reminds you of MTV, right?

But then, this move has made Spotify a hub for music fandom. It has become a place where the fans can not just stay updated with their artists and their music; they also buy their merchandises as well.

The Verdict

The number of listeners is only one metric of measuring the success of music streaming apps. Spotify’s bottom line will stay unaffected by the increasing users of Apple music if Spotify’s users are loyal to it.

And if it keeps staying being more involved and providing more profits to musicians, it is going to rule the number one position across the world. It is still on its way to becoming a company of worth $100 billion by 2020 and Apple’s success won’t devalue it.

However, it can’t be ignored that being the leading music streaming company is a prestigious tag, be it in the US or worldwide. Spotify can offer its smart speaker if it is looking to beat Apple in the game. It will attract the customers and will help them gain market share. Being the third-party app on the smart speaker of other companies are putting it at a disadvantage.

Like in the home pod of Apple, users can only play Spotify from iPhone over the AirPlay.  If not launching its smart speaker, it can partner with a brand that manufactures them. It can offer the discounted or bundled services on the purchase of new speakers.

Even though Spotify hasn’t lost yet, it must start putting in some efforts still. Its recent update has offered a lot to its users, and it is still highly prevalent in the unpaid segment. It is going to remain on the top for some time now. As of now, it is still the preferred service globally.

But with the speed Apple is growing, it could cause a lot of problem to Spotify. Apple is putting in a lot of efforts, and anyone can see that it is eyeing the position of global leader in the music streaming segment. The battle is going to be interesting to witness, and currently, no one can yet say who is going to win and when. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to gain more from this battle of the apps.

William Gust

I am William Ewan Gust. I am originally from South Ayrshire, Scotland. Growing up in a country where rhythm and creativity collapse amidst the beauty of nature, music somehow got me. I moved to Michigan, United States and started my career as a freelance musician. After witnessing the drastic changes in the music industry brought by Artifical Intelligence, I dreamt of making something big out of myself. I have seen YouTube and Spotify taking over concerts and street shows. This change is at the same time progressive yet heartbreaking. Personally, I feel that apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, etc not only lets you stream and enjoy a plethora of choices but also provide a fresh platform for new artists. This particular blog is my third attempt to portray different aspects of music in the present day scenario.