Are Infrared Imaging Cameras Going to Dominate the Video Surveillance Industry?

Are Infrared Imaging Cameras Going to Dominate the Video Surveillance Industry?

Over the years, the video surveillance industry has seen rapid growth. Nowadays, renowned CCTV manufacturers are using advanced technology. To cope up with the pandemic, it has become essential to use touchless security solutions. Many companies have reopened after installing AI-powered CCTVs. These types of CCTVs help to count heads in a crowded place. 

Additionally, the organisations are using these CCTVs to identify a criminal’s car plate. Along with AI, many companies are using thermal cameras these days. With thermal cameras, business operators detect their employee’s body temperature. Therefore, if anyone has a high fever, it can be easily detected in thermal cameras. The thermal camera’s fever scanning capabilities will prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Improve the hygiene protocols by installing thermal CCTV cameras in the workplace. In 2021, Amazon has already begun to use infrared cameras to keep its employees safe. Thermal imaging camera manufacturers faced huge losses in 2020. But, they are expecting 20% revenue growth this year.  Even small-scale companies are investing in thermal cameras to identify sick employees/clients. 

During the sudden outbreak of Ebola, these cameras were used in many enterprises. And, the Coronavirus outbreak also increased the implementation of infrared cameras. You might have noticed these heat detection systems in retail shops. Thermal cameras are also installed in the security checkpoints across the country. 

But, do you know why there is a spike in using infrared imaging cameras? No! Here, we have mentioned the possible benefits that infrared cameras offer:

Benefits of Using Infrared Imaging Cameras during the COVID-19 Pandemic Era?

From 2020-2021, the installation of no-contact temperature assessment devices has increased rapidly, according to the experts associated with CCTV Installation in Dubai. Do you know why infrared cameras are preferred these days? Because it can detect a human’s body temperature if installed properly. You don’t need to be close to the visitors to evaluate their body temperature. The operators can be in a different room and still check the employee’s temperature. 

Usually, this infrared camera measures the temperature of tear ducts. It can inform the users of the individual’s skin temperature more quickly than a thermometer. Because the thermometer usually measures the forehead/oral temperature. So, measuring temperature from such skin surfaces is not only time-consuming. But, you need to be in close contact with the person to check his/her temperature with a thermometer. With infrared cameras, you can avoid the hassle of facing these problems efficiently. 

Can You Operate Infrared Cameras in Low-Light Spaces?

There are a few CCTV cameras that can’t be operated in low-light environments. But, almost every infrared camera can work effectively in a place where there is no light or low light. And, this low-light scanning capability can be useful during the night. 

Do Infrared Cameras Cost Less than CCTV?

Yes! Infrared cameras are more affordable than surveillance cameras. Additionally, these cameras don’t break down easily, even after years of usage. This means you won’t have to spend a considerable amount of money on repair expenses. Usually, IP or dome cameras are most likely to get damaged within a year or two. But, there will be no longer a need to hire CCTV Repair Dubai experts till then.

Can Infrared Cameras Detect Any Indications of Electrical Breakdown?

For an individual, it might be difficult to identify the signs of electrical failure. But, infrared cameras can detect instantly whether the power circuit is getting overheated. Or, sometimes, the electrical wiring of a home appliance can catch fire. With an infrared camera, you can prevent such an incident without any hassle. Make sure to repair the faulty electrical equipment before it gets too late.

Which Sectors are Currently Using High-End Infrared Cameras?

In 2021, many industries have inclined towards using the latest infrared cameras. And, the agricultural sector is not an exception. The security and surveillance industry is also using it to recognise heat sources. Alongside the construction sites, infrared cameras are helping to prevent catastrophe. Researchers are expecting this camera will gain wide acceptance in the coming years. 

Infrared Camera: Is it a Better Alternative to CCTV?

Infrared cameras might become as important as security cameras. But, it can’t be a replacement for CCTV cameras. Because both of these devices serve different purposes. CCTV cameras are considered the best crime deterrent system. But, infrared cameras can’t monitor suspicious activities. So, if you want to keep the home/office secure, you will need both of these gadgets. Use CCTV cameras to check whether the employees have worn safety gear. And, with infrared cameras, consider checking their internal temperature.

What are the Limitations of an Infrared Camera?

Well, infrared cameras can only identify the fever, but not the other symptom of COVID-19. According to W.H.O, an individual might be infected with COVID-19 without having a fever. So, in certain instances, it can be challenging to identify an infected person. Additionally, these cameras might not always provide accurate information. The blurred image is another issue that you might come across in its lifespan. 

Thinking of Buying Infrared Cameras? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Do you know infrared cameras require less maintenance and cleaning? This is one of the preliminary reasons why entrepreneurs are using it in this pandemic era. There are plenty of high-rated infrared cameras available in 2021. But, choosing the right one can be nerve-wracking. Go with an infrared camera that provides outstanding performance without consuming more energy. 

Check the resolution and the temperature range of the camera; that’s also important. However, infrared cameras are more durable than CCTV cameras. But, consider checking the estimated longevity of this non-contact temperature assessment device. You can buy FLIR One Gen 3. This infrared camera has received immense positive reviews from users. Thermal CompactPro is another thermal camera that comes with high-resolution.

Do you need an ultra-portable infrared camera? Opt for getting FLIR C-Series, it will be ideal for protecting the businesses. FLIR’s TG267 is another cost-effective camera that you can use for spot measurement. So, take time, do proper research and before getting the right infrared camera for the offices.