4 Steps to Backup Computer Data on Google Drive

4 Steps to Backup Computer Data on Google Drive

External storage or backup devices play a crucial role in safeguarding your data. But, the physical devices have the risk of getting damaged in various different ways. In such cases, cloud storage gets the ultimate spotlight. The cloud storage from Google has an awesome facility of uploading and downloading files. 

The first default storage is free. But, if you want to upgrade the storage, then a certain amount should be paid. Creating a Gmail account is mandatory for accessing cloud storage, as well as backup computer to Google drive. The security from Google will always help you in managing and protecting your vital data. 

The Compatible Platforms 

The Google Drive is compatible with three main platforms – They are PC, Android and iOS. Any Android and iOS phones and tablets have the capability to upload and download files, but the processes are a bit different from each other. Therefore, learning the functional basics will help you in handling all the three platforms. Thus, you can easily proceed with a backup computer to Google Drive.

Types of Files to Upload

Normally, you will be able to upload any type of files to Google Drive. Starting from all the media items like multimedia files, documents, zipped, unzipped and many more. If your WhatsApp account is synchronized with Google Drive, then the backup you take from WhatsApp will not be visible, as it will be uploaded in an encrypted format. It will be accessible only with the WhatsApp application. 

The Detailed Working Process 

Have you ever wondered how this backup process works? Well, you should know it to get the basic idea of uploading the files and make it clear. The Drive is not only a single storage device, but also it has a file stream that acts as a backbone in uploading and downloading the files. When you upload the MS-Office files, it understands the format and keeps those files in its exact form. 

Now, uploading the files is not the only backup process. The backup computer to Google Drive also includes several syncing methods. If you want to make changes anytime, then the synchronization takes place for updating the number of files present there. If the syncing mode is on, then whatever device you plug-in to the system, it will be synced to the Google servers, automatically. 

Creating a Gmail Account 

Access the official mail website of Google. After that, state your personal credentials like name, date of birth, and others. Now, create your own mail ID by altering your name with the @ abbreviation. The @ (at the rate) is important to reflect the identity of Gmail to your mail ID. Applying for your contact number and a recovery email address will help you in retrieving the email ID, in case you have lost the password. 

Gather your Files 

The files of the folders that you want to upload must be gathered in a single folder. In doing so, you can upload the entire folder at once. Therefore, the backup computer to Google Drive procedure will be successful. If you upload the files one by one, it will be much more time-consuming. Uploading all the files separately will also consume enough bandwidth, thus slowing down the upload process. 

The Upload 

First, you have to log-in to Gmail. Then, open the Drive, by accessing the icon present there. Click on Upload Folder and select the desired folder that you want to upload. Now, wait for the task to complete. During the upload process, pause or stop any kind of downloads to fasten the consumption of bandwidth, in the primary download process. Keep the tab open until and unless the backup computer to Google Drive is complete.

Another Alternative Way 

The drag and drop is one of the easiest ways to upload the files to Google Drive. While the drive is open, resize the browser window at one side of the screen. On the other side, you have to open the folder containing the files to be uploaded. Select the files and drag them from the files window to the drive window. The process of the backup computer to Google drive will start from the very beginning depending upon the priority of the files and its size. 

The Conversion of File Formats 

If any type of files is not supported by the Drive, then don’t worry, there is another way to proceed. The conversion of the uploaded files, in the Drive, will help you to initiate the operation and will be supporting the incompatible files, as well. You will find the option within the Drive Settings. Carefully observe and perform the necessary changes. Thus, helping you to backup computer to Google Drive, in any possible format. 

One Name, Two Files — Is it Possible?

Generally, every system is programmed to replace a file with the same name. But, Google Drive provides a different type of facility regarding the file that holds the same name. When you upload a file with a similar name, then it gives you the option of either keeping it as a separate file or merge it with each other. Here merging means deleting the previous and keeping the recent one. Thus, backup computer to Google drive is done successfully, without any type of complications. 

The Final Verdict 

Before you decide to initiate the backup computer to Google Drive, make sure that there is enough space in the Drive. With the help of specialized granular control over the photos, Google will automatically create an album for you. When you will access the photos in the Drive it will be present on the album format for flexible accessibility. If any of your items are accidentally deleted, you will find it in the Trash folder.