Guitar Fretboard Trainer Apps That Help You To Learn And Pay Guitar

Guitar Fretboard Trainer Apps That Help You To Learn And Pay Guitar

Are you a guitarist? ┬áThen it’s very much essential to learn all the notes on the fretboard of your guitar. Check out the most popular fretboard trainer application for your android smartphone.

These applications allow the guitarist to express themselves more dynamically while playing the guitar.

By using these applications, players can enhance their knowledge of the notes on the fretboard. This application is a digital way, to learn the notes with the help of these fretboard trainer apps.

There is a much android application that provides you with fretboard training on the go. But we have chosen the best and frequent applications for you.

Furthermore, these applications have a game-like interface, but they are learning tools.

Guitar Fretboard Trainer


The Top Trending Guitar Fretboard Trainer Apps for Android

1.RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer

This application allows the players to customized as per their needs. Often clients face two type of questions.

They are asked to recognize the note which is shown in that specific position on a string, on which area of a string the note can be found.

With the help of this applications, users can quickly set the set the range of the frets. However, this app also allows setting custom profiles for the custom tunings.

This training application provides-

  • Game profiles customization.
  • Alternative customizes tunings.
  • Sound.
  • Day to day record tracking.
  • Full-screen fretboard.

2. Fretboard learn

Fretboard learn offers a dynamic platform for guitar. This training application enables the user to learn and discover new notes on bass, mandolin, ukulele, etc.

Users can quickly test the range of the frets used in testing. It has 4 different ways of testing

  • Locate: First of all, users will locate and find the perfect position on the fretboard after giving the string and note name.
  • Locate all: User has to find and locate all the notes that form a specific range.
  • Explore: This mode enables the user to explore the and select a different position.

This application fits for both left and right-handed fretboard. Furthermore, training is done in one sequence where the user can easily understand every note.

Fretboard learn offers-

  • Highly customizable.
  • Various instruments.
  • Popular tunings.
  • Create custom tuning.

3. Fret trainer

This application is available for free on Google and iOS play store. It is a perfect educational application that enables users to learn notes and chords of the fretboard.

A free trainer is a highly customizable and colorful application that enables users to set the fret range first for whom they want to train with.

There is also a paid version available for this application which allows users to unlock the exciting features like bass, ukelele and banjo and many more.

This application also automatically select the note corresponds to the fret position.

There are lots of games available in this application choose the best as per your need.

A user can easily select any chords they want to the in any section of the fretboard.


  • This application provides six different instruments.
  • Choose the section of the fretboard on the Free trainer application you want to learn.
  • Using the staff game, you will get to know about the position of the notes on the musical staff.
  • Every instrument has its common tunings, and you can also create your tuning.
  • Both handed more are available.
  • Social media linking provides competition between you and your friends.

4. Fretboard hero

Want to learn Fretboard training like a game? Then Fretboard hero is the best application for you. This application is created with the association of professional guitarist.

It is more colorful than the Free trainer application, which adds more fun to the game. It increases the improvising skills on your fingertips. Furthermore, it has the same language as musicians.

This application keeps a record of the reaction during the time. A particular section Logs is available on this application that can easily keep a record of the high score of players.

Benefits of Fretboard hero-

  • Flexible learning curve.
  • Step-by-step difficult gameplay.
  • Detailed statistic and real-time score tracking.
  • Easily share the results with your friends.
  • Good quality of sound.


In general, a guitarist wants to learn all types of notes that can enhance their music skills. Furthermore, with the help of these applications, you can quickly learn every note. Give a try to the above applications and choose the best apps among those.

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