What is the Easiest Process of Upgrading your Laptop?

What is the Easiest Process of Upgrading your Laptop?

People are quite aware that we are completely dependent on devices, gadgets and even appliances. Out of all devices, the laptop is the most used one. It is movable, and you can do almost anything. You can do a video conference, online class, send important documents to your boss etc. 

But, taking care of the laptop is also very important like upgrading, cleaning etc. There can be a negative impact if you don’t upgrade or take care of your laptop. 

Over here, we will discuss how you can upgrade your laptop in a little more detail. If you don’t upgrade, then the system will become weak and will malfunction. You must know that outdated software is easily prone to malware attacks, like ransomware etc., even you may miss out on certain effective features.  

Thus, it is very important to keep your system up-to-date. If you don’t perform the upgrading process, it might be possible that your system will become slow. Your laptop will show signs that will indicate your laptop needs to be upgraded.

So, we have discussed in detail the upgrading process. If you face any problems related to laptops, then you can visit the laptop repair services Dubai

3 Ways You can Upgrade your Laptop

Every detail will be mentioned so that you can follow the instructions properly. First, the areas which need to upgrade will be mentioned. Three areas can be upgraded, and they are RAM, storage and battery.  

Before you go on with the upgrading process, make sure to back up all your important files and documents stored in the drive. You can clone the old hard drive; thus, it will quickly recover the OS if any problem arises. 

If you are replacing the internal hard drive with an SSD, then at first you need to archive some of the stuff to a separate drive. After you are done with the transferring of the file and your laptop is working normally, now you can restore files and folders you want. 

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1. RAM Upgrading Process

It is a fast solid-state memory that is used for running programs. It can temporarily store the information. The older computer suffers from new programs due to the RAM not being upgraded. In a laptop, there are one or two slots for RAM. If there is any spare RAM slot that is not occupied by any, then in such a case, you might need to buy a new RAM and remove the older one. 

Choose the RAM that you need and that is compatible with your laptop. For example, if your laptop contains 4GB RAM, then you need to upgrade it to 8GB of RAM. It might be possible that you don’t need beyond 8GB of RAM. As having beyond 8 GB, you need a faster CPU and also a faster GPU. And, You can’t upgrade these parts; you need to replace them.

2. Upgrade Storage Drive of the Laptop

The easiest way to improve the performance of your laptop is to replace a hard drive with an SSD. If you have already improved the version, then upgrading the SSD can make your laptop much better. It might be possible that the SSD is small, thus filling up and slowing down the performance. If there is bigger space, then the functioning of your laptop will improve. 

Thus, upgrade it into a bigger one that will benefit you with faster speed. It can cost you a bit more depending on per MB. SSD is lighter, uses less power and is usually cooler than the hard drive. It is also durable; thus, it will be less likely to be damaged than the hard drive. 

Now comes what size of SSD card you need. According to your budget, go for the largest SSD. It completely depends on your need; 512 GB could be affordable. SSD with 2TB and even more is available. But, you also have to keep in mind that the cost is also a bit high. You can also save everything in cloud storage and avoid the drive. 

3. Battery Upgrading 

Battery wear out is quite common. Thus, you need to replace the old one with a fresh but the same model battery. This will help your laptop to work smoothly with proper functioning. The performance will boost if your laptop is in power-saving mode. 

The batteries are removable in the older version of a laptop, so it was easier to change the battery or replace it with a new one. While with the new model, the design is quite complex. You need to force or cut the opening and replace it with a fresh one. You can definitely take help from the professional. 

First, you need to make sure that the battery matches your laptop. You need to incorporate the same model. And, for an extra-long performance, it is necessary to keep checking your laptop. Contact laptop repair services in Dubai for the best service. 


Thus, now you have an idea why upgrading is important and to upgrade your laptop, what are the ways you need to follow. You can also upgrade your gamings or the graphics card, or the operating system. Indeed, your laptop won’t last forever, but by performing these methods, you can increase the durability of your laptop.