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In the past few decades, branding has emerged as a corporate strategy. Several business organizations including the custom packaging companies have embraced this strategy to build their identity. Branding is can also be defined as a marketing strategy. However, the strategy of investing in brand building and managing the repute of a brand goes far beyond it. This has given rise to various terms like brand value, brand equity, and brand power, etc. Here our main focus will be on ‘brand value’.

What is Brand Value?

Companies spend thousands of dollars to advertise their brand and create awareness about their products. They design custom boxes in a way that they self speak of their brand identity. However, if you want to learn to build the brand value and how it might affect your business let’s clear up its definition. The brand value is the brand’s financial worth. If you want to increase the net worth of your brand you have to work on several factors. For example, you have to be curious about what customers perceive about your brand. Do they remember your brand after seeing your logo on product boxes? Moreover, every business needs brand equity to raise its brand value. The more visibility of your brand, the higher will be its brand value. For example, let us take the example that a successful diaper brand Pampers is more known that other small brands. This is because the company has put great effort into marketing their brand and creating more awareness about their products. It’s the reason that customers can easily identify the brand by looking at its custom product packaging.

Purpose and Importance of Brand Value:

Brand value not only creates revenue, but it also affects the market. When the customers are more loyal towards a brand and they find it of good value, it may discourage other companies from entering the market segment. This protects the market share for an existing company. Knowing that Pampers has incredible brand value, other companies and packaging box manufacturers may look at other products besides diapers. They do this to avoid competing against such a well-established brand which can damage their bottom line. Pretend that you are a new parent with your baby coming home. You need a lot of diapers for him. You walk in the retail aisle and become confused after seeing the custom packaging of several brands, not knowing which the best is. Although you have no experience with Pampers you will prefer it because it’s the most popular brand. It’s the trust which brand has created in the customers’ eyes. This example illustrates how brand equity may lead to an increase in brand value.

Significance of Marketing:

No matter how best your brand is, they are the customers who play an important role in increasing its brand value and making it a big success. For this, you have to market the products effectively. Use multiple channels to make your business reach a large audience. Design its wholesale product packaging in a way that customers are attracted to a sight. Among hundreds of box packaging ideas, the brand’s logo gives a stand out effect. The cardboard packaging boxes wholesale designed by using the logo speaks for them. They make your products more memorable for the customers. Now you do not need to spend millions of dollars on carrying out promotional campaigns. Your wholesale small boxes can do all for you. Just design your custom cut cardboard packaging according to your branding requirement. Maintain consistency across the entire product range. For example, whether you are designing a folding box, box die cuts, or auto lock boxes, your logo should highlight that all of these products belong to your brand.

Goodwill and the Value of Brands:

When a company is sold, it wants to get a value over and beyond its tangible assets. It is referred to as goodwill. You can explain it as a value of the customers’ loyalty. This is an interesting concept that includes loyalty as an important component of branding. It makes clear that there exists a link between goodwill and brand value. The more the goodwill in the eyes of customers, the higher will be the brand value. This makes a brand earn a good premium if the brand is ever sold. However, if you want to find the worth of this brand value, you have to move into the financial terms by making a brand-value metric.