Printer Shows Offline: How to Fix the Issue?

Printer Shows Offline: How to Fix the Issue?

The latest printer models offer you more advanced functions than earlier ones. Apart from that, they’re also manufactured to provide you with better performance than ever before. Yet, you’d come across certain common problems while performing a print job. One of the most common ones among these issues is the printer offline error. 

Many users have reported that their printer shows offline when they try to use it. Also, this problem is sometimes more complicated than it might seem to you. But, it’s possible to fix the issue without any professional assistance if you prefer to do so. And, for that, you must follow the methods we’ve mentioned below. 

6 Ways to Resolve the Printer Offline Error

You might face offline printer errors in all printer models regardless of the brand. Further, there’s no single solution that can fix this issue alone. So, you’d have to try various methods depending on where the issue lies, and that might take some time. 

Want an urgent solution for this error? Then, consider getting a printer repair Dubai by UAE Technician. Now, there are many fairly simple methods to fix the offline printer error. Here are some of the most effective ones among them:

  1. Restart the Printer

The issue you’re facing might simply occur due to a temporary error within the printer. In that case, you need not apply any complex solution to it. Simply restart the device to get rid of the error. If it’s indeed a temporary issue, it’ll go away once you take the requisite step. In case the problem persists, you must check for other problems. 

But, what if the printer isn’t starting in the first place? In that case, none of the methods mentioned here can help you. You must approach a reliable printer repair service Dubai immediately in such a situation. 

  1. Check the Connections

Your printer might be offline because you failed to start it. In such cases, you must make sure that you’ve connected it to power properly. What if it goes offline even after you’ve turned it on? That might mean you haven’t connected it to your computer properly. 

If you’re using a USB cable, make sure you’ve connected it properly at both ends. In some cases, there might be damage to the cable as well. So, you should use another cable to make sure whether that’s the root cause. 

Did you find any damaged cables? Then, contact a printer repair service Dubai and get a replacement cable. Are you using a wireless connection to connect the printer to your computer? Then, you might want to try reconnecting the printer to the router. If that doesn’t work, make sure the router is receiving a proper internet connection. 

  1. Disable “Use Printer Offline”

The issue might not always lie with the printer. In some cases, the error occurs due to how you configured the printer on your computer. After all, there are so many ways you can set your printer to function. Also, not all of those settings are suitable in all cases and for all purposes. So, you might want to make sure that you’ve configured your printer correctly. 

But, where do you start? In case you’re wondering, you must check whether you’ve opted to use the printer offline. And, for that, you need to go to the Devices and Printers section (in Windows). Select your printer, and then opt to see what’s printing. Then, go to the Printer tab given there and find the option to use the printer offline. 

Do you see a checkmark beside this option? If yes, then that explains why your printer has been showing offline. So, you must uncheck it to bring the device back online. 

  1. Use the Printer Troubleshooter 

Are you using a Windows PC? Then, you can simply use the troubleshooter to find the issue with the printer. This would help you find and fix the issue within a comparably shorter time. Moreover, this tool is pre-installed in all recent Windows versions and is easy to use. You simply need to go to the Settings menu to use it. Find and open the Troubleshoot section in Update and Security. 

There, you’ll find the option to use this tool for your printer. So, proceed with it whenever you’re ready for it. The troubleshooter can effectively find any issues that lie in your printer. Hopefully, it can also help you get the device back online. In case it can’t do so, you’ll get a message on the screen about that. 

Until then, you must keep following the instructions that you get on the screen. If the tool can fix the problem, it’ll proceed to do so automatically. Then, you must check whether your printer is online. 

  1. Cancel Pending Print Jobs

Are there any print jobs that the printer couldn’t complete? In that case, you must consider getting rid of them, if the aforementioned solutions didn’t work. Before you remove the print jobs, you must go to the Print Spooler Service with administrator rights. Then, stop the spooler service and go to the File Manager. 

Look for the folder containing print jobs and delete all the files in it. Once you’re done, you need to go back to the Services page. Now, start the Printer Spooler Service again and check whether your printer is still offline. 

  1. Update the Printer Software

The printer software being outdated is yet another common cause behind offline error. So, you must make sure that you’re using the latest one. If that’s not the case, then download the latest printer software without any further delay. Install it on your device and then restart your printer. Now, try connecting the device to your computer again. Many users have found a solution by doing this. 

Can’t Find a Solution to the Printer Offline Error?

The methods mentioned here should help you fix the issue you’re facing. However, they might not always provide a satisfying solution. In such cases, you’d want to find a more effective and long-lasting fix. And, for that, you must always approach a reliable professional. A competent printer repair Dubai by UAE Technician might help you in such situations.