Symptoms Of An Infected Computer

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Your computer has millions of files and folders including some which you are unaware of. Larger the files in your PC large are the risks of getting infected. Threats and malicious software love to persist in your system if you have a weak security system allowing it to become slow and unresponsive. Your computer often fell sick due to such threats and malware. For getting the reasons of how your computer becomes slow and infected, let’s discuss the symptoms of an infected computer.



  • Unresponsive nature of the system: when your system tends to become slow and unresponsive, the time is to realize that your system is infected. You find difficulty in performing and executing easier tasks. And the tasks that are complicated enter into starving or waiting for state and never run the process. Such problems warn you that your system is infected by threats or malicious software harming the functional aspect of your computer. Frustrating is when you can’t even open the window, a file, folder or any music file, video, photos, etc.

  • Slow internet: Who find it distressing and disturbing when your internet does not respond or responds very slow. Well, you might be unaware about this, but your system might be infected by a virus or any other malware existing on your computer. However, it is not necessary that slower internet is the reason of infected computer, but when the results are complicated and time taking, you are forced to think the same. Speed test and task managers can easily let you know if your system has slow internet or not.


  • Unexpected computer behavior: When you feel that some weird and strange things surround your system that are the reasons for the unusual behavior of the system, then your system is the home to many viruses and malware. The unexpected things may wait and starve state of the process, termination of the course during the executing, freeze clicks and files, an opening of the files on their own and fake messages and ads.


  • Error messages: During the execution of a particular process you are asked to click on the word or look for some missing files in the form of pop-ups and dialogue boxes. Never trust them, they are a trap. It shows that your PC is an infected or malicious computer that is under the substantial influence of some dangerous malware or virus. Error messages are displayed on your monitor screen telling you to look for some missing files or asking some authenticating information.


  • Freezes and crashes: Once viruses find the gateway to your computer, they never leave it with ease. With every moment they replicate themselves and spread in every single part of your network. The replicated copies infect all the parts including hard drives, motherboard, operating system and system files. As a result of which frequent crashes and freezes become the everyday activities of your computer. If all this happens to the system, be aware, it is infected.

These are the best five symptoms of an infected computer make yourself aware of them and protect your system from their influence.


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