Top 10 Audio Marketing Trends For 2021: Inside Out

Top 10 Audio Marketing Trends For 2021: Inside Out

It is quite clear that in the year 2021, the role of audio content is growing higher day by day. And the audio-based user experience is the new sensation of this year. Also, the industry is getting ready for providing a better user experience with lots of recent innovations in audio technology. According to the specialists, it is a perfect time to rethink audio marketing strategies for the business entrepreneur.

These days, we can see a lot of wearable technology, smart speakers, and connected vehicles in the market to provide an amazing experience to the users. According to Google, the owners of smart speakers are using technology the most due to these features on a daily basis. And now, here, in this article, I will tell you about those top 10 Audio marketing trends for 2019 that are high on demand.

10 Audio Marketing Trends that are High in Demand

In this part of the article, I will discuss those trends that are ruling and will continue to rule this year. So, let’s start the journey.

Alexa Skills and the Voice Experience

After the iPhone, it is Alexa that is the most innovative technology with over 15 million delivered Amazon Echo devices. Alexa is leading the group of audio marketing with its skills with ease.

It has left behind Google Home’s Assistant and Apple Homepod’s Siri with the help of these famous Alexa Skills. There are no unique and creative audio skills in the industry like Alexa. With the help of these kinds of skills, the brands have the opportunity to differentiate their identity with a unique sound as stated by TechPrate.


In most of the popular devices and apps, you will be able to see tremendous earcon sonification these days. Popular and leading brands like Amazon, Google, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. have created their own twisting branded earcons. As a replacement for traditional sonic logos, earcons have become an effective branding tool. And it has broken the myth of being referred as silly sound effects.

Nowadays, we get to see the relentless pushing of this sound into Google’s video marketing. In the anticipation of the evolving user landscape, leveraging the sound like a marketing tool along with the ‘Search’ as the central pillar of Google’s identity, it is a quite smart move. And the voice search ‘OK Google’ is becoming more utilized in comparison to the type search.

The best part is, it is worthy to say that in this run Google is not the only one. Apple and Facebook are also following the suit by releasing a few new videos showcasing their voice searches.

3D Audio

Along with the topics like ambisonic, binaural, surround, spatial, 3D is coming in the news this year frequently. That is why it is good to get knowledge about what is happening in the world of 3D audio these days.

In Facebook 360 and YouTube VR, we have seen this technology in a proper manner. The 360º  videos containing spatial audio have come to see this year to provide a better user experience to the viewers. We have seen dedicated spatial audio workstations released by both Facebook and Google last year to compete for the increasing 360-degree video content.

With the help of the Sennheiser’s newly released consumer binaural headsets, the speed of accessing 3D audio has increased in a rapid manner. And the cost has also reduced with access to binaural technology in a pocket-friendly budget.

Interactive Audio

This year, unlike the previous years, the interactive audio is also becoming subject to experiment along with the dominating visual design. Along with most of the popular singers worldwide, the BBC itself is creating interactive stories based on voice for Google Home and Alexa.

Audio-based Experiential Brand Activations

In this year, we are seeing a trend towards audio-based experiences due to the growth of the brand activation budget. Along with Nike, leading car brands are also going for this kind of action. And this has become very famous this year. And it seems that this trend is also going to rule the world of audio-marketing in a vivid manner.

Electric Vehicle Engine Synthesis

Around the world, there is a new trend of electric vehicle Engine Synthesis is growing in a rapid manner. There is a new audio territory has emerged around how the sound can affect road safety since the electric engines started to run silently.

Companies like Audi, Nissan have started engine synthesis. And, with musical sonification, they are pushing the boundaries of the concept cars.

Audio Renaissance

Leading streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora, study the behavior of listeners to provide a better experience to the users. It happens with the help of the information regarding individual preferences. And it is not only with the Music, it is also happening with Serial that has broken several records and has paved the path for the podcast renaissance smoothly.

Playlist Marketing

To stay relevant to users, brands are navigating streaming services as the streaming accounts for 41% of music consumption is quite jaw-dropping. In a creative way, the brands have utilized playlists in an innovative way. Many of the brands have even created playlists from music to use in advertisements to grow sales. And the Ad Studio from Spotify is the most exciting among the new services.

Acoustics-Based NFC

And there are lots of acoustics-based near-field communication examples for fast and sound/melody such as Microsoft’s Hindi and Dhwani. Transmitting data via inaudible audio frequencies is only the start. Acoustics-based NFC only needs a speaker, a microphone, chips, and eliminating tags. And these advanced features making payment via sound secure and simple along with the communication with each other.


The advantages of the Audio content are more than visual and written ones. For the consumer to stream the audio is more convenient than anything. You need to be fully focused on video or written content, while it is really easy to focus on audio content.

However, when it comes to the audio-marketing this year these above trends are going to rule the market smoothly with their advanced technology. Hope you like the article. You can send us your view and comment on our article. For more such articles on trending topics, don’t forget to stay connected to us.

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