Top 5 International Law Firms in Dubai

Top 5 International Law Firms in Dubai

The prime perspective of law and judiciary service is to secure the rights of citizens and take control of chaotic circumstances. Additionally, the law is associated with protecting the interests of every sized and scaled businesses, as well. The lawsuit affairs can take place from grassroots to national and international levels. Therefore, only international law firms in Dubai can help you out.

Apart from judiciary services, law service is a great attraction for students as a bright career option. Therefore, international law firms in the UAE serve the best practicable courses over the lawsuit. 

Are you looking for the most recommended law firms in Dubai? Then, you shouldn’t miss out these 5 top-rated law firms in the UAE.

  1. Fotis Law Firm

Mentored by the notable lawyers of international and national experience, Fotis Law Firm is one of the best international law firms in UAE. From this top-notch institution you get accustomed to international and amazing facilities, legal services for both your personal and professional matters are available. The law firm in UAE has inaugurated its branches at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah.

Are you involved in complicated commercial or corporate legal matters? Then, render the perfect opportunity to resolve the complexities with the lawyers of the law firm in Dubai. Additionally, the professionals have made it really simple to draft your in-partnership papers for your upcoming business relationships, within a shorter period of time. Whether domestic or international, nothing is beyond the scope of the experts.

On the other hand, the practice sector includes administrative law, arbitration, dispute resolution, immigration and employment, corporate, intellectual property and company information. And, you can render law services for aviation, banking institutions, real estate, construction, energy and resources, hospitality, shopping and healthcare premises. However, retail, technology, media and telecommunications are also included in the sectors. 

The professional lawyers of Fotis Law Firm strive for the best for solving legal affairs based on your corporate movements. Because they apply the right combination of legal and technical strategies. And, the lawyers have achieved recommendable success rates in resolving crucial legal issues.

  1. International Advocate Legal Services

Established in 2008, International Advocate Legal Services is on the top of the pre-eminent law firm in Dubai. The law firm strictly handles corporate affairs for small and medium-sized companies. So that the companies need not face any legal obligation for partnership purposes. The wide network of lawyers all over the nation provides you with valuable pieces of legal advice.

The area of legal expertise of International Advocate Legal Services lies within employment law, debt recovery, criminal law, wills. Additionally, you can render legal services for arbitration, real estate, company and commercial law services. The in-house experienced lawyers have made the law firm in UAE proud with countless success records.

The lawyers of this international law firm in Dubai are devoted to offering you the most impressive results. And, to date, clients of the firm are entirely satisfied with the dispute resolution and other legal affairs. 

  1. Al Tamimi & Co.

Are you looking for an entire package of associated with the lawsuit and legal services? Then, we bet that you can hardly underestimate the law practice areas launched by Al Tamimi & Co. for the best-in-class law services for clients the law firm in Dubai has initiated legal practices that are available in the Middle East, as well as North Africa.

Besides this, the practice area complies with banking and financial services, arbitration, commercial affairs, capital markets, infrastructure and construction, merge and corporate services, family business, and insurance complications. Moreover, proficient legal help from the distinct lawyers of the international law firm offers international litigation, mediation, private equity, notary, tax, insolvency, technology, media and telecommunications are available.

All the knowledgeable sectors of this law firm are energy & utilities, education, financial services, healthcare, defence, sports, retail and consumer affairs, transport and telecommunications areas. So, this is a complete law firm solution for any legal affair in Dubai.

  1. Clyde & Co.

If you are extremely business-centric and want to discover a law firm in UAE just for your business affairs, then Clyde & Co. would serve you the best. Founded in 1989, the law firm is the house of almost 400 exceptional lawyers. Additionally, the foundation has got more than 45 business partners in the entire Middle East.

The professional lawyers have acquired in-depth research of market knowledge for more than thirty years. However, the lawyers have gained expertise in the following sectors: energy, insurance, transport, marine, aviation, trade, finance, healthcare, finance, hospitality and technology. Whether you are seeking help for domestic or international affairs, the law firm in Dubai is your ultimate destination.

Professional lawyers of Clyde & Co. being proficient with company structure, governance, funding, debt recovery, intellectual property disputes, can provide up-to-the-mark results. Apart from Dubai, the law firm has opened offices for legal consultation in Abu Dhabi, too.

  1. Davidson & Co.

In case, you are looking for an international legal affair, and looking for language versatility, then you can put your faith in Davidson & Co. The master lawyers have experienced deep lawsuit skills from Russia, United Kingdom, India, Australia and Pakistan. Additionally, the in-house lawyers of the international law firm in Dubai are currently practising in Dubai and GCC.

Apart from that, you would grab chances to resolve disputes in English, Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Russian and Punjabi. Even the law firm has been rewarded for its enviable achievements in the legal sectors in the Middle East. From employment, commercial, real estate, private client to wills, international trade, everything comes under the privilege of Davidson & co.

Moreover, you can avail legal services and consultancies from the experienced lawyer staff of the firm. They have the right key strategies to make your business efforts effective in the industry of Dubai.

Consider your Priorities to Get in touch with the Best International Law firm in Dubai

Every legal affair has got its own perks and challenges. So, check out all the above-mentioned internal law firms in UAE. Estimate the circumstances and win-win strategy for your business and then, choose an international law firm in Dubai. Moreover, if it’s your study-related queries, then you can contact the helplines of the associated law firms.