7 useful Microsoft Excel features

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If you are fed up with the old and outdated version of your Excel, then you need to look at a new version with all the new features of MS Excel that’ll make your sheets and database more interactive and readable.

Let us make you aware of the seven useful features of Microsoft Excel

7 useful Excel features

  • VBA: VBA stands for Virtual Basic Application. For giving your database a visual and designing look, you need to opt for VBA for their Excel sheets. Task-related to your accounts, email, and finance and reporting can be executed using VBA. If you are a beginner and new to Excel, you must learn VBA in the first place.


  • Pivot tables: Being a regular worker on the Excel, you must know one of its pre-eminent features. When it comes to the similarity between a normal table and pivot table, everything matches except the speed and structure of the database. They help you create and innovate useful documents, customer information, accounting and transactional reports with the ease of use and understanding. Chief database users and professional can’t resist themselves from using pivot tables because of such fast results.


  • Charts and graphs:  An impeccable way of creating and making the page look more attractive and understandable, database administrators and professionals insert charts and graphs in between the sheets. Being one of the surpassing and superior features, charts and graphs help you generate and insert practical information in a more easy way making their use in the field of weather forecasting, shares and Sensex, mathematics, statics and much more. The Excel has been able to get the most number of its users due to this feature.


  • Sorting and filtering: What do you think? How long have been creating records and reports in the Excel? Well, quite a long! If you are a professional. If you want any changes, to make your database more sorted and organized, always go for sorting and filtering. Sorting and filtering support you in the sorting of your data and make it easy for you to prioritize your reports and record according to your prerequisite knowledge.


  • Basic Math: What if I told you Excel is complete mathematics game? Look interesting. Isn’t it? Well! If you love logic and mathematics, Excel would never be difficult for you. Involving maximum arithmetic and logical operations, mathematics is a strong feature of Excel. Basic math enables you to perform simple operations and play with numbers. Formula bars are the blackboard for you to practice and calculate keeping in mind some rules and regulations.


  • Conditional formatting: That will be quite a fun, if you want Excel to work according to you. It is obvious that what goes in always comes back, but never in the same form. Talking about conditional formatting, it ensures you with outcomes depending on the nature of the cell and its format, range and its content.


  • Data analysis Excel tools: It is important to analyze the data after its creation. Data analysis tools help you to analyze your data and records in the database.


Well, with this we come to the end for the topic. Always opt these features if you are working on Excel. They will make your database more organized and systematic.


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