YouTube Music Finally Gets It Right: A Latest High Class Streaming Experience

YouTube Music Finally Gets It Right: A Latest High Class Streaming Experience

Though in the world of Music videos YouTube has a huge source of plays and views, it always lacked as a pure music streaming experience in the past. But now, the situation has changed with the launching of YouTube Music. At present, it is ready to challenge the other apps, such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Tinder, and Spotify to get the highest place in music streaming. Also, it consists of those features that other music apps don’t possess, not even the best ones like Apple Music and Spotify.

Basically, the users will get a new and unique kind of experience with the help of the official albums, videos, singles along with the already available vast library on YouTube. From now on, the users can even search any artist that work solely on YouTube along with any live performance. And, you can find these features only in YouTube Music.

YouTube Music: About the App

You can get YouTube Music across the board on Android, iOS, and desktop wherever you want. Plus, the navigation and use of the App are not so complicated. With the promise of helping the users to get music as per their choice, the AI of Google provides a perfect service. It is able to recognize the history of the users on YouTube and that too on the basis of one’s playlist. All that the users have to do is log in with their regular Google account.

There are three sections in the App that separates it. And these are Home, Hotlist, and Library. Like Spotify, there are different moods in the Home section along with the recommended videos and personalized ‘Mixtape’ for the users. And the tab ‘Hotlist’ possesses the trending and new videos exactly as the regular YouTube. When it comes to the performance of the App, what we can say is that the App works in an unmatched manner.

Now Playing

The part called ‘Now Playing’ in this App is quite smooth and easy to use. To display the name of songs’ album, artist along with the year, views, etc, there is an Info button on this part of the app. Besides the Info button, there is a Share button for the users. With the help of this button, the users get the options to like the song as well as play next, add to playlist, etc.

Also, in this part of the app along with the above features, you will get the options to like or dislike the song, next to the fast forward and rewind options. And this like or dislike feature help Google AI to learn the presence of the users in a proper manner. In this way, it is really easy to use YouTube Music in comparison to other music Apps, where the users often end up getting confused.


A MixTape is the only personalized playlist on the service and it is great. While Apple Music has only three and Spotify has some different Dailly Mix for all those genres you love, with Time Capsule, Release Radar, and Discover Weekly, YouTube Music is the strongest.

Besides this, another place where this App is working a lot is Search. With the help of the integrated services of Google Assistant, the users can search for songs and albums even using phrases.



The Lean Forward Aspects of Music

YouTube has tried to think beyond the general ‘lean back features’ referred by the people of the music industry. And with things like personalized playlists and curated homepages, there is no need for much legwork in the case of lean back experience.

Here, they are working more on the ‘lean forward’ aspect of a music streaming services that consist of creating playlists, audio quality, third-party integrations, and of course the social features.

According to a reliable source, YouTube Music is going to add some new option in the settings menu regarding the audio quality. But until the update is rolled out, you are stuck at YouTube Music’s default quality of 128kbps with a good connection. While with a poor connection, you will get 64kbps.

You can play YouTube Music through Sonos after plugging your phone into a Sonos device directly with the help of an auxiliary port. There is built-in integration with Google Play Music in the app. You can even use Google Play Music exclusively for Sonos after downloading YouTube Music. According to YouTube, the users will be able to play on Sonos speakers very soon from the YouTube Music app too.


You will find a couple of subscription options in the part of the pricing regarding YouTube Music. You can even get a free version of the App that includes ads. The difference of the pricing can be overlooked because of the features that the users get from it. In the market of the music streaming services, the YouTube Music App can be the tough competition for the other trending Music apps in the industry.


Let’s see the good side of the app:

  • Undoubtedly it has an excellent Home screen
  • Anyone can use it smoothly
  • YouTube’s recommendation engine is equally good like the one of Spotify
  • The unbeatable YouTube music videos


  • There are lack of some power user features
  • No Discover Weekly competitor

Bottom Line

Though there are still some bugs in the app along with some little annoying ticks. However, the service has more right than wrong in it. And for sure, at last, we can say that YouTube Music finally gets its right. It is full of promises to make the years of music streaming music more than merely fine. And with that, it is the right time to go towards the world of music streaming especially for those who are finally ready to get into. The app is a lot different from the conventional music app in the industry.

William Gust

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