YouTube Premium: All Interactive Features Within A Single Application[2019]

YouTube Premium: All Interactive Features Within A Single Application[2019]

Nowadays, in this internet savvy world, YouTube has become an important application to stream videos online. Previously it was a free application but a few years ago, Google launched it’s paid version, which is YouTube Premium. It is n paid membership with the help of which, you will be able to access millions of videos online without any pause. You can activate this service features in YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming. It contains a number of cool features that the free one doesn’t. If you are looking for a cool streaming application to watch movies online, then it will be the best choice of yours.

What’s New?

YouTube Premium is generally the rebranded version of the YouTube Red. The new thing is, with the help of it, you will be able to stream more videos and original contents. Here, you will get several service features of YouTube by paying a nominal service charge. If you want to cancel the premium services then you can do so by visiting the membership page.


Features of YouTube Premium Service

Once you sign up as a premium service holder, you will be able to enjoy several interactive features of YouTube. As the name suggests, YouTube Premium offers premium services to its paid users that include several interactive and useful features. Some of them are discussed below.

Go Ad Free

If you have become frustrated with too many ads popping up while listening to some music videos or watching any movies online, then, this feature will attract you towards the YouTube Premium. In this new YouTube Premium, you will be able to block ads, which undoubtedly is a great feature. So, choose the service and start playing videos with a single tap. No pauses, no interruptions, no nothing.


Save Videos for Offline View

Using the premium feature of YouTube, you will be able to save videos to see them later. The main advantage of this feature is, everyone who doesn’t use any unlimited data plan, or people who use a relatively slower network can download videos and see them whenever they want, without any hazard.


Get Google Play Music for Free

Once you sign up as a premium member of YouTube, you will be able to get premium services for the Google Play Music also. So, from this time, you don’t have to pay separately for Google Play music subscription and YouTube Premium subscription.


Flip between Two Apps

The main con factor of YouTube is, you cannot perform any other work while watching a video. YouTube videos don’t play in the background and thus you can’t use any other app on your smartphone while listening to a piece of music on YouTube. But from now on, with YouTube Premium, you will be able to listen to the music of the video in the background. So, you can flip between two applications. Well, it is one of the best features of YouTube Premium.

Access All YouTube Original Content

Once you sign up for YouTube Premium, you will be able to access all the YouTube original contents. So, you will be able to gather more original contents for your collection. This is no doubt another great feature of the YouTube Premium.

What About The Cost?

Now, let’s have a look at the overall cost of signing up for the premium services. YouTube has declared two service packages: one is YouTube Premium and the other one is YouTube music premium. The subscription cost of the YouTube music premium is lower than the YouTube Premium. But in the case of YouTube music premium, you will not get some service features like Ad free video, Play in the background feature, download feature and in this case, you won’t be able to access all original contents of YouTube.


Comparing With Others

Well, if you are thinking about the budget to subscribe to the premium services, then don’t worry, it will be a pocket-friendly one. But till now Google hasn’t mentioned anything about the family plan whereas Spotify, as well as the Google Music both provide a considerable discount on their family package.


Once you sign up for the paid version it will be worth the money. As with the help of it, you will be able to see your favorite videos without any pause. If you combine this feature with the original shows and movies feature then it will be a great deal for you. If you are a great fan of YouTube and you didn’t use YouTube Red previously, then it will be the best choice for you.



Where is the YouTube Premium Service Available?

Currently, YouTube Premium is not available in some countries. Users can sign up for YouTube Premium, in countries like the US, UK, and Australia.

Well, if you don’t find your country’s name on the list, then don’t be disappointed.

The premium services are still in its developing stage. Hopefully, in the near future, the service will expand to include every country including yours.  

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